Wedding Films


Why hire a wedding videographer?

One of the biggest regrets I've heard from married friends of mine is that they didn't hire a wedding videographer.

A wedding film does what photos cannot—you hear the voices of your loved ones, you see they way they move when they laugh. Sure, photos can hang on your wall and be your computer desktop wallpaper to remind you of those moments every time you look at them. But when you watch your wedding film on your 1st or 10th anniversary (or really, any day in between), you'll truly be thrown back to that day to relive the most precious moments. It's not just a video, it's the story of your love for each other and the love of those who are close to you.

I like to capture the day how it happens—the nerves of the bride and groom as they get ready to see their other half on the biggest day of their lives; the parents who are just too dang proud and can't hide it; the guests who are having the time of their lives. These are all important parts of a wedding day that should not be forgotten.

Elopement films are $1,000, and wedding highlight films start at $2,000. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about what I have to offer!